BITS empowers patients and clinicians with the tools
needed to improve performance.

It’s Progress You Can Touch

Indications For Use
The Bioness Integrated Therapy System (BITS) is intended to challenge and assess the physical, visual, auditory, and cognitive abilities of individuals, including those with deficits resulting from traumatic injuries and movement disorders as well as competitive athletes.

Examples of these abilities include:

  • Visuomotor Coordination
  • Reaction Time
  • Visuospatial Perception
  • Visual & Auditory Processing
  • Working Memory
  • Physical & Cognitive Endurance

BITS is a multi-disciplinary therapy solution designed to motivate patients and improve clinician efficiency. With 24 unique programs and four standardized assessments, BITS’ interactive touchscreen and diverse program options challenge patients through the use of visual motor activities, visual and auditory processing, cognitive skills and endurance training. Standardized assessments and progress reports make documenting outcomes quick and easy.

System Overview
55” DISPLAY CONFIGURATION is the best choice for visual field therapy. The 55” display (48” also available) challenges balance, weight shifting, range of motion, reaching and more. The durable, interactive touchscreen display is mounted on a movable, height adjustable stand with a discreetly mounted mini PC.

BEDSIDE TABLE CONFIGURATION is ideal for patients who are confined to their bed or have limited mobility. Promote patient engagement early by challenging cognitive and motor abilities. A medical grade, all-in-one touchscreen PC is mounted to a premium bedside table display for use while seated or reclined in a hospital bed.

MOBILE CART CONFIGURATION is best for smaller treatment rooms and speech therapy offices. Perform therapy while seated in combination with table-top activities or position close to the floor while patients maintain pre-gait stances. A medical grade, all-in-one touchscreen PC is mounted to a premium mobile stand for use in a variety of therapy positions.

  • 24 Therapy Programs optimized for OT, PT and ST make BITS a robust, multidisciplinary tool.
  • 4 Standardized Assessments offer an efficient method to administer tests, benchmark performance and capture detailed results.
  • Patient Personalization makes it possible to upload individualized photos and text for use in therapy programs, ensuring continued user engagement.
  • Baseline Comparisons quantify results to illustrate where progress is being made and where more work is needed.
  • Smart Reports and dynamic graphing capabilities make demonstrating outcomes easier than ever.
  • Preset Parameters allow you to jump right into therapy using three predefined settings. The level of challenge can also be fine-tuned using any number of the adjustable options.


BITS 2.0 includes four Standardized Assessments designed to provide quick, easy and automatic scoring in a convenient and engaging digital format. Adapted from their paper and pencil versions, Trail Making, Bell Cancellation, and Maze Test are powerful new additions to the BITS 2.0 software.

Visual Scanning & Motor Reaction is a four part trial that assesses visuomotor coordination, peripheral awareness, hand speed, reaction time, and endurance. When used as part of a comprehensive driving program, a passing score may indicate readiness for an on-the-road driving test.


Motivate patients and improve your efficiency with 24 therapy programs and four assessments focused on Visual Motor Skills, Visual and Auditory Processing, Cognition and Endurance.

Therapy Category Clinical Focus
Visual Scanning
(6 programs)
Visual motor coordination, scanning, reaction time, peripheral awareness
Visual Pursuit
(5 programs)
Visual tracking, motor skill planning, cognitive skills
(2 programs)
Working memory, visual/auditory processing, impulsivity, timing
Visual Motor
(5 programs)
Visual spatial perception, motor coordination, attention
(6 programs)
Visual Search, attention, visual/auditory processing
(4 programs)
Visual motor coordination, scanning, cognition, reaction time

Documenting outcomes is easier than ever before. Save a baseline and track progress using the system’s dynamic graphing capabilities. BITS automates the process of providing detailed, meaningful results. And Progress Reports are customized for each facility with a personalized logo and address header.